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Think Time Room (TTR) is an innovative measure to take care of the Disciplinary issues in the school. The purpose of TTR to keep a check on any possible alienation from school norms on the part of the students and to attend to the emotional needs of the students so as to help improve in their overall performance and achievement of the School Students. TTR Team consists of 4 members Dr. Ruchi (counselor), Kiran (psychologist), Tushar jee (meditation expert) & Ekta (special-educator). TTR focused arena towards students is to make them reflective being. Through this the students explore his/her self & are able to Realize & Regenerate. It also involves Teachers & Parents in the process by giving Orientation, Suggestions/Tips & taking feedbacks time to time. TTR is working as a helping hand to improve the performance of Low-Achievers from class Primary to XII as well as giving support to Special students.

TTR Future projects include Introduction of a system through which we are aiming at making each student responsible for his/her behavior as well as performance. We are also likely to introduce Aptitude & Personality assessment for the student is to help them cope up with their concerns & issues more effectively.

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