We embrace the whole child as an integral part of our philosophy. The stage of identity formation. The stage of storm and stress. We have seen the weather forecast and we are prepared to fight back.

Without the ability to picture what is beyond the senses, a child can not grasp the great mysteries of our universe. All middle school education begins and flows from the lessons of history: how man developed, history of India and the world, and one level up mathematics and language. These studies result in an awareness of our interdependence and an inner gratitude for life.

Children at this stage are actively social and begin to demonstrate an ability to think abstractly. BNPS education, at middle school classes, is designed to spark the imagination and to address the child’s need to interact with others. Children are encouraged to perform at both the levels, academically as well as in co-curricular activities.

    Classroom culture of middle school classes in BNPS
  • Outdoor work and science labs
  • Children have projects and feel a sense of responsibility within their environment.
  • Children learn about making plans and setting priorities in their work.
  • Students are self-motivated and enjoy the experimenting sessions which we provide.