Principal's Message

Notice outside Principal's office:Not in office…AM WORKING.

It has been a joyful experience to be a part of this institution ever since its inception. I should say I ' grew ' along with the growth of the school. I truly cherish every moment of my experience as a young upcoming professional in education. Incidentally, the early stages of the school and my blossoming days as a professional in education, aspiring to establish a unique school with a holistic vision, took us through different and varied circumstances.The journey was one of a mixed kind – with ups & downs, pains & pleasures, achievements and struggles, I being fortunate to be leading this tedious journey amidst challenges, feel privileged to share some core values and practices which make BNPS stand apart in this competitive world today!.

BNPS stood all these years on the foundation of freedom and respect for and amongst all its team members. Everyone, including the students, gets freedom to operate in one's own domain without any fear of being monitored or threateningly questioned. We tend to nurture their potential in an emotionally supportive environment. They are considered as unique individuals, encouraged to build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. In the process they grow as confident human beings full of depth and knowledge and sensitivity towards others. The hallmark of BNPS journey is its commitment towards growth of learning as a continuing process. This gets reflected in the fragrance of freshness BNPS basks in everyday. Children here have an intrinsic desire to learn .

We are proud to have our BNPS vibrating with energy and togetherness. It's a school where learning and struggles attached to 'learning' are valued, understood and conquered, where infrastructure and facilities are world class, professionally managed and holistically maintained, where one is responsible for all and all are responsible for one, where sports & fitness is an integral part of the curriculum, where commitment towards the society starts from home and extends to the whole universe. This is our BNPS.!

Mr. Kanwaljeet Khungar

(M.A. B.Ed)