As you walk in, you can feel vibrations emanating from high energy. Fear not an earthquake it's only BNPS breathing. Extracurricular activities give students the opportunity to explore and expand the areas of interest, reaching beyond the classrooms.

In BNPS a range of age appropriate activities is designed for the children; here children get opportunities to identity their interest areas and skills, which they can pursue and improve further. These activities are a way to celebrate each other's strengths. They get a platform to showcase their learning and talents. Children find many opportunities to work collaboratively with their schoolmates. Children will get the following opportunities to learn, exhibit and improve their skills and talents.

  1. Assemblies

    We have interactive assemblies, where children get time and space for sharing anything relevant for the entire group openly, showcasing anything interesting, acknowledging the best performers, celebrating festivals and other important announcements.

    * Special assemblies- These assemblies are special as every class gets a chance to conduct the assemblies in their own way, they also have performances on the theme/topic decided by them.

  2. Houses

    The students are grouped into four houses namely Earth, Fire, Space and Water. This provides platform to interact with the students other than their class group. Primary and Middle wing within the houses they get opportunities to participate in various intra-house activities. They get a chance to identify their strengths, appreciate each other. Based on their presentations/performances, the house teachers select the best performers to represent their house in the inter-house activities like talent hunt, sports, on the spot drawing, craft, dance, theatre, debate, poem recitation etc. Senior Wing Intra house to Inter house activities are conducted depending on the nature of activity and availability of students for any particular activity.

  3. Annual Events/Carnival

    It is the time of the year when the entire school comes together and celebrates the love and togetherness.

  4. Exhibitions

    This is a platform provided to children to display their creations in their respective subjects. You can always look out for Science and Art exhibitions.

  5. Culminations

    This gives a chance to children to present their learning of regular classes like E.V.S. culminations, theatre culminations, etc. These presentations take place sometimes in front of other classes and sometimes parents are also invited.

  6. Day camps/Night camps/Outstation trips/Picnics

    These are organised for children to have fun together, to know each other informally and to enjoy some leisure time together.

  7. Educational trips

    Children may visit a few places for a better understanding of the concepts as per the need of the specific subject.