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On Campus Medical Facilities

On Campus Medical Facilities:-

Children by nature are fun- lovers! They look for fun and enjoyment at the slightest excuse. As such bruises, scratches and injuries can only be expected but sometimes they may turn ugly! To attend to such incidents the school has an Infirmary, where first-aids are administered in the event of an emergency due to minor accidents or unexpected ailments like light fever, nausea etc. which are quickly referred to a medical Doctor, qualified medical attendants are vigilant to the needs of the students and take care of those students who approach the Medical-Room with minor complaints. Centrally located, it is easily accessible from any corner of the school.

The ‘medical room’ has needed facilities to take care and provide medical help to students and the staff in case of emergencies. Proper sanitation and hygiene are maintained to see to it that no contamination or pests of any sort find entry into the well lit and well ventilated room.