Chairman's Message

The grand old man beckons. His proud gaze speaks of the days of grooming his baby, as the school stands tall, ready for a huge stride into the new world.

"An extract from the Chairman’s Diary “ ……..Today when I look back, I thank God, my parents, the people of Krishna Nagar who had cooperated with me and helped me . I continued my studies and completed my studies….. as it was the wish of my father. India became independent after a long period of slavery and the importance of Hindi was raised with assurances that it would work for the betterment of results Today, we have in addition to our main Senior Secondary School at Ram Vihar, we are proud to have a second Senior Secondary School at Sharad Vihar.

I am proud to say that all these achievements had come about without taking any donation, bribe or hidden costs whatsoever! My son and my daughter are doing a fabulous job looking after these schools respectively. The other two schools including the one at Krishna Nagar are being looked after by me. I am quite satisfied with my work for the last 63 years ( till date – 2018). I am also happy that my schools are imparting value-based education according to modern standards & requirements.

Shri S. S. Khungar