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There is also a team of counselors working for nurturing a positive mental heclass="img-responsive" alth climate in the school. Counseling happens in all domains- Personal, Social, Academic and Career. While intensive support is provided for individual children requiring support, the needs of all students are met through classes on behavior and life skills. Understanding the self and exploring the self in the context of behavior –one’s own as well as others, is the cornerstone of the circle time program for children of all age groups.. Career counseling classes are taken up to build understanding of children not just with respect to the careers and streams available, but also to help them introspect on themselves and assess their abilities and strengths and then make informed choices.

Not just children but all stakeholders associated with children (teachers, parents) are supported to understand age specific behaviors and develop strategies suited to the different needs of children in school and at home,the counselor is a collaborator, leader, advocate and change agent for children as per their need. The team has shared values of respect, trust, responsibility and care.