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An Indoor Auditorium

An Indoor Auditorium:-

It is located on the 2nd floor of the school. This provides the stage, a platform in the literal sense to children for various presentations during House Activities, Class presentations and Morning Assemblies for the Senior Wing students. Various whole - school Meeting of staff members are also held here from time to time. It becomes the meeting point for both the schools, HES & BNPS staff to come together on occasions like the 'Teachers' Day celebrations. It is equipped with a good sound system. It is fully lit and well brightened with natural light coming from a number of windows, facing the school ground.

This well-ventilated hall is also used to acknowledge and felicitate the students and teachers for their outstanding performances and heart-warming achievements! Some Special visiting dignitaries use the platform to address the audience invited for the occasion. The Principal uses it very often to address some important issue or to associate with the staff on important occasions," Morning Assemblies are held here for the Senior Wing students which include dramatics, one-act plays and presentations that reflect."