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We innovatively strive forward to prepare our students for an ever-changing world in the 21st century. Our determination that all our students will have an equal chance to be successful is integral and impacts on everything we do.

At BNPS pre-primary environment includes 3 to 6 years. The teacher student ratio in pre-primary classrooms is 1:20, which gives teachers the opportunity for individualized attention and self-paced learning.

    Our classrooms have:
  • A variety of motivating and educational material.
  • Multi-hour, interesting and playful activities, which supports the young child’s development of concentration and attention span.
  • Individualized and small group interactive lessons.
  • Peer-to-peer learning practices.
    A typical pre-primary day:
  • The children arrive at school and, after taking care of their belongings, they join their friends on the Natural Playground.
  • After the children come in, they are welcomed into their classroom, they get ready for the thematic learning sessions or a free play. Maths, language, literacy and arts –music, visual art, drama, and dance all gets integrated into our day through theme-based learning.
  • We have various activities during the day, such as solving puzzles, connecting blocks, playing with a kitchen set, doctor sets, painting a beautiful imagination, learning a new lesson, calendar time, singing a song or poem, with a quick nutrition lesson, etc.
  • Following the work time, children prepare and set up lunch as a classroom community and all sit down to eat their packed lunches together.
  • After recess the children resume back to fun-filled activities and participate in music and art activities more energetically.

We offer a frequent outing schedule with students and visit different places with them e.g .Aeroplanet, Rail museum, Doll museum, Zoo, Kidzania, etc exploring various different sides of each of our student.

Seeing our children working in open environment is priceless and that’s all we look after.