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Children start to reason like adults. They begin to develop cognitive maps. As teachers, we try to read these maps and navigate their world. Empowering our students to take risks in their learning by building their resilience, independence and ambition.

Primary classes are extension of student’s school world. The emotional aspects of the primary class students play an important role in their development. We help students understand how to work, fit in and be a part of community in a positive and productive way.

Typical Upper elementary day

The classrooms are calm and productive but also lively and exciting as collaborative activities take place. The look and feel of our primary classrooms are designed to encourage a positive learning environment and to foster independence, not just academically but in extra-curricular activities.

    Environment in classroom:
  • Colourful collages of plants and animals, natural light, comfortable desk and clean surroundings.
  • Work that is arranged to create independence.
  • Individualised attention and learning plans to keep children challenged.
  • Peer to peer learning.
  • Self-paced learning using planners.

Within this environment, as teachers our job is to foster a love of learning. We also provide the space and material that enable students to explore topics and concepts at a deeper level.