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School Library

School Library:-

Bharat National Public school, thrives because the children love to read books. The school library has hundreds of books, neatly arranged on the shelves of the well-ventilated, bright and spacious library, suitably located in the second floor for students to reach from all the four floors. It caters to the need of children from all age groups and classes. Since every class gets a period to visit the library, the children wait eagerly for their turn and flock to the library to select the book of their choice, assisted by the qualified and experienced librarian, who picks up just the right book for the children according to their taste! The children regularly visit the library whenever they get a free period to read not just as a leisure pastime, but for research and to prepare their projects and assignments.

The Librarian, a qualified and trained lady with a pleasing appearance, takes pride in the collection of books available in the school Library. She is seen shuffling through the books and helping the students in selecting the required books, library is not only well fortified with books, but is also well stuffed with electronic source of knowledge like the CDs and educational kits.