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They like the limelight, they want their voices heard. As they become mature, they face unique challenges including juggling with academic studies with choosing a particular stream and making a right career choice.

Education at senior level prepares students to pursue in a specialised field. An educational foundation lay during senior classes benefits students well till adulthood. Why? Because BNPS education helps students reach their full potential. We BNPS students, aren’t limited to succeeding in one discipline they have succeeded in many areas of life and across diverse career paths, including literature, engineering, art, medicine, politics and acting.

Our students will take with them an invaluable set of lifelong skills such as independent learning, collaborating with others, and social skills. We encourage student’s parents to open a dialogue with us and talk about the potential regarding their wards, so we can explore these considerations as they might apply to the individual student and his or her unique needs.