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Smart Class

Smart Class:-

Smart students need smart classes to give their best. BNPS in keeping with the changing times has made significant changes in many avenues –Smart Classes being one of them! The smart boards that are installed in these smart classrooms provide an additional help to the teachers and the students as the very pedagogy gets a boost in the presentation and assimilation of the subjects under consideration. Visual aids in any form are always an asset to the students. So the Smart Boards in smart classrooms provide a multi-dimensional approach to the subject as such, lessons become a special treat rather than boring classes.

It also equips the students to master the technique of presentations with more zeal & zest. The training in fact is multi-faceted as it takes care not only of the presentation but also how effectively one could administer it. The reference work in itself is exhaustive and extensive and therefore adds knowledge and luster to the research made by the students. At the end of the day, the students sit back and relax with satisfaction that the day’s work has yielded the right fruit.