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Swing area and splash pool

Swing area and splash pool :-

The school has a Swing area where children like to play and refresh themselves after a tiring session of learning. The swings provide the excuse to indulge in games and to play pranks with mates.! And why not! After all a little swing, a little naughtiness and a little mischief, make school a second home! Don't they?

Some like to take a dip in the pool and enjoy splashing around in the pool! Some like to beat the heat by simply remaining there and splashing around with their friends. Yes, it not only sets the motion for fun but also helps in exercising their limbs and boosts their respiratory system. The push & pull exercise and the training they get to stay in water/under water ( temporarily) prepares them for some more adventurous sports which require stamina and breath-control for longer duration of time like swimming and other water-sports! Thus they overcome the water-phobia and buildup their confidence so much so that taking up challenges becomes a part of their lives without taking undue risks.